Rough draft of a TGS fantoon

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Rough draft of a TGS fantoon

Post by Falcon Paunch on Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:39 pm

Since there are absolutely 0 updates to H*R nowadays, I decided to animate my own Teen Girl Squad and share it with the HRWiki Forum. I know it's not that good yet, but that's why I'm posting it here first- so you guys can tell me what I should add, remove, change, ect., but I can't do Easter Eggs, since I'm not actually using Flash for this. It's kind of sloppy and unfunny so far, and all the character's names are abbreviated, but I'll proofread the final draft & expand the names. Just for fun, you guys can help me fill in the following & I'll pick the best:

Cheerleader's shirt says "_____"
Cheerleader's description in the beginning is "_____"
So-And-So's description in the beginning is "_____"
What's-Her-Face's description in the beginning is "_____"
The Ugly One's description in the beginning is "_____"

Now for the rough draft.

(TGS intro yada yada ya)
CL: Warts and cauldrons, galpals! My halloween costume looks-
Rest: SO GOOD?
CL: (looking crazy) YES YES! I’VE TRAINED YOU WELL!
CL: (normal) So, I’m going as a diva. Whazabout you?
S+S: (close-up, crazy) ALBERT EINSTEIN!
WHF: (closer-up) A WITCH!
TUG: (even closer-up, super-crazy) {I had to make this backwards} ERIHSRETSECROW SAUCE! (Apparently the forum is changing that to "England". Razz)
(zoom out. Crickets are probably chirping instead of the music.)
CL: Um…
TUG: *blushes*
WHF: That never happened.
(music again)
CL: Anyways, my dad’s letting me go trick-or-treating alone for the first time ever! Who’s coming?
S+S: Me.
WHF: Me.
TUG: Me.
CL: Grood.
(Cut to S+S’s room)
S+S: (putting on mustache) Oh, say can you see… by the dawn’s early light…
S+S: (is done)Yeah, that should do it. (opens closet)
S+S: I should have cleaned that out months ago!
(cut to a futuristic museum with S+S’s bones with futuristic music)
Tour Guide: Here we have a girl suffocated by her own clothes. She sucked.
(cut to outdoors somewhere with regular music)
WHF: (biking to CL’s house. A broom is taped to her bike so it looks like she’s riding it.)
CL: Thanks for coming, Wheat’s-Her-Face!
WHF: No prob.
TUG: (smiling) Can we start? My arms hurt.
(TUG’s arms fall off and the music stops. She’s still smiling. CL and WHF have question marks over their heads.)
(music starts again. Cut to outside someone’s house. The door opens and a woman comes out)
Gals: Trick’r Treat!
Woman: Yo. You vant zis candy?
CL: Yes, sir.
Woman: (quickly) Vell, too bad. Is my candy. Vant zis apple? Vell, too bad. Is my apple. Vant zis Apple? Vell, too bad. Is my Apple. Vant zese arms, Uglyface? Vell, too bad. Are my arms.
(TUG is dead)
WHF: …Did you just kill my friend?
Woman: Vell, not really. Is Halloween. Ghost come soon. Now shoo. (closes door)
CL: Well, What’s-Her-Face, So-and-So is late, The Ugly One is dead, so, it’s just you and me. We’ll have to trade costumes at the end of our route and go back to the houses we’ve already visited for maximum candy!
(cut to another house. SFG opens the door.)
CL and WHF: Trick’r Treat!
SFG: Oh! An innocent astronaut maiden and her alien friend have come! (is now holding weird “candy”) Want some of these Vulcan delicacies?
CL: Sure! (eats it)
CL: I should have listened to mom!
SFG: So, What’s-Her-Face, there’s a Halloween party at the community center. I’ll take you with me to dance!
WHF: Sure!
(sign-titlecard-thing says “at the party”)
(cut to outside of the center. The door person is the arroed guy dressed up as Link)
WHF: Two tickets, please!
(doordude is now aiming boomerang at What’s-Her-Face)
(it’s over screen)

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Re: Rough draft of a TGS fantoon

Post by Kinda Long Hair on Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:42 pm

Cheerleader's shirt says "Apple aint candy"
Cheerleader's description in the beginning is "Every kind"
So-And-So's description in the beginning is "smarties"
What's-Her-Face's description in the beginning is "bag of rocks"
The Ugly One's description in the beginning is "asperogus!?!?!"

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