Top Ten Main Characters?

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Top Ten Main Characters? Empty Top Ten Main Characters?

Post by Achenar on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:08 am

In a nutshell, you just post and tell us from 1-10 who your favorite-least favorite character is (For the record, as low as a character may be, I only hate Strong Bad) Posting why is completely optional, but I would like to know why.
1: Homsar, He is random, cute, funny and underappreciated.
2: Strong Sad, I really relate to Strong Sad, I hate the media "Frikin' Sellout", I don't get along with my sibling (my younger one), and a some-lot more likeness.
3: Homestar, Seriously, it says it all.
4: Bubs, He is just a funny guy. "My chocolates! Come back chocolates! I didn't mean what I said!" "Sure thing, Bush!"
5: Teh Frikin' Cheat, His speech says it all. And he doesn't take crap from anyone, like me. Very Happy
6: Strong Mad, like Homsar, I think he is very random with his speech. "MY PANTIES! MY PANTIES!"
7: KOT, he can be very funny in certain moments, and is very underappreciated.
8: Marzipan, like the KOT she can be funny in certain moments.
9: Coach Z, despite his grossness, he can be funny, especially with his lame rap and crush on Marzi.
10: Strong Bad, don't act like you don't know why,dangit!

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Top Ten Main Characters? Empty Re: Top Ten Main Characters?

Post by The Wheelchair on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:44 am

Wait, Clover, there are 12 main characters, does this mean you dislike Pom Pom and Poopsmith even more than SB? :shock:

Anyway, mine:
1. Coach Z: He's pathetic, depressing, gross, and always hilarious. Plus his rap songs are freakin' hilarious.
2. King Of Town: Once again, somehow pathetic depressingness = hilarity. He's at his best when he's pestering SB and commanding the Municipality.
3. Bubs: He's just an all around cool guy with no shortage of hil-arious lines!
4. Gron Sad: He's nerdy, unpopular, yet somehow manages to be a pretty cool guy. He's best when he's getting his very-rare chances at revenge on his big bro.
5. Teh Cheat: He's that hilarious little yellow thing! His scheming, yet cute and innocent personality is great for laughs.
6. Homestar: He's the star of the site and awesomely clueless. I like his the best when he's interacting with SB and just plain acting dumb (e.g. time capsule and long pants)
7. Who could forget Strong Bad? He DID steal Homestar's show, but I don't mind, just because he's an all-around funny guy. Also, the other characters tend to shine most when around him.
8. Homsar: Sorry for putting him a bit low, Clover. He's a cool, funny guy, but can get tiring if put in the spotlight too much. When he's just showing up quickly in an easter egg or to deliver a single word salad, he really does shine.
9. Marzi: Not very interesting on her own, but she can be good when she's dealing with Homestar or Strong Bad.
10. Pom Pom: Not that I dislike him, he just doesn't do much. His ninja skillz are sweet though.

You'll notice the two that got left out were Strong Mad and Poopsmith. They're both good characters, but really don't do much other than shout or shrug and shoveling whatsit, repectively.
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